🏫00 Philosophy: Zoo of Ideas


🏫01 Arche (ultimate origin): Beginning of Philosophy

🏫02 Hylozoism: from Myth to Science

🏫03 Moira (natural self): Inevitability of Destiny

🏫04 to Eon: Existence of the World

🏫05 Tao: the World turning around

🏫06 Laozi and Zhuangzi's Wu Wei: Do Nothing!

🏫07 Four Buddhism Credos: the Definitive Dogmas

🏫08 Shikisoku-zeku: the Empty-Aspect of Chinese Buddhism

🏫09 Metron: Sophists and their Measure

🏫10 Daimonion: Socrates' Irony

🏫11 Politeness: communication strategy of Confucianism

🏫12 Jin, Humanity: Confucius' Morality

🏫13 Idea in Plato's Theory: Chorismos and Anamnesis

🏫14 Plato's Dialectic: Analogy of Cave


🏫15 Aristotle's Metaphysics: Hyle and Eidos

🏫16 Alchemy: Four Causes, Three Modes and Four Hypostasises

🏫17 Conduct Philosophy: Scepticism, Hedonism and Stoicism

🏫18 Sermon on the Mount: Jesus' Doctrine

🏫19 The Trinity in Christianity: Creator, Expiator and Savior

🏫20 Original Sin: Providence, Paradise Lost and Redemption

🏫21 Hierarchia: the Dark Age of the Medieval Europe

🏫22 Islam and the Golden Age: Quran and Enjoyment of Life

🏫23 The Crusades: Invasive Immigrants and Oriental Monarch

🏫24 The Dance of Death: Plagues and Nihilism

🏫25 the Renaissance: Revitalization of Humanity and Reality

🏫26 Protestant Reformation: Luther, Calvin and Henry VIII

🏫27 Humanism: from Erasmus to Shakespeare

🏫28 Scientia est Potentia: Francis Bacon's Ambition

Early Modern

🏫29 Cogito ergo Sum: Descartes' Subjectivism

🏫30 Solipsism: Descartes’ Proof of Existence of God

🏫31 Mind-body Dualism: Division of phisical and mental

🏫32 Occasionalism: Geulincx and Maleblanche

🏫33 Tabula Rasa: Locke's Empiricism and Social Contract

🏫34 Bundle of Perceptions: Hume's Epistemology

🏫35 Pantheism, Deism and Immaterialism

🏫36 Monad Theory: Leibniz and Pre-established Harmony

🏫37 Neo-Confucianism: Zhu Xi's Reason-Materials Dualism

🏫38 Yangmingism: Sympathy for Unity of All Things

🏫39 Zen: Buddhism Innovation and Samurai Culture

🏫40 Bushido: the ideal and the Real

🏫41 Kant's Critique of Pure Reason: Proof of Impossibility

🏫42 Kant's Practical Reason: Freedom, Morality and Happiness

🏫43 erman Idealism: Fichte, Schelling and Hegel

🏫44 Hegel's Dialectic: Learning and Craft of World Reason


🏫45 Materialism: Feuerbach and Marx

🏫46 Communism: Alienation and Dictatorship

🏫47 Despair: modern disease Kierkegaard pointed out

🏫48 Individual: Kierkegaard and Religious Existence

🏫49 Human Rights: civil, positive and natural law

🏫50 The Masses: mass-product, subculture and war

🏫51 Anarchism: Nihilism, Egoism and Dadaism

🏫52 Will to Power: Eternal Return and Super-man of Nietzsche

🏫53 Hedonic Calculus: Bentham's Utilitarianism

🏫54 Pragmatism: Bentham, Perth, James and Dewey

🏫55 Phenomenological Reduction: Husserl's thought-experiment

🏫56 Existentialism: Jaspers, Heidegger and Sartre

🏫57 Structuralism: Logical Positivism and Theory-Ladenness

🏫58 Language Game: Speech Act, Différance and Deconstruction


🏫59 Frontier of Philosophy: anti-snobbism

🏫60 Conclusion of Philosophy: Eternal Dialogue